Stamps or stencils are one of the most popular wall painting techniques in last years. People use them on all kinds of surfaces (concrete walls, plaster walls, glass, floors…). Stamps can be custom made in any larger print studio or bought in every better stocked shop. Print studios usually offer installation because applying stamp to the wall can be a rather difficult job. Stencils, another great wall painting technique. It is probably so popular because stencils can be made at home from paperboard or any other material that is easy to cut, but hard enough to remain still when it’s applied to the wall. Like stamps, stencil can also be custom made or bought in a shop. When you put your stencil in place, tape it and tape off rest of the wall. Use small brush to fill all the corners and curves. Do not apply to much of paint because excessive paint can ruin your stencil. When paint is dry, carefully remove stencil and check it there are any mistakes. If there are, you can repair them with applying primary wall color.