Do you think your faux countertop looks old and dirty? Cleaning and refreshing an old countertop sounds like annoying task but I can assure you that it is not difficult at all. Repainting and polishing an old countertop is not a perfect solution but it will definitely save you some money. Moreover, many people are painting laminate countertops and you can do it too! Create your unique faux countertop with just a little effort and a few coats of paint. Read this How to manual and refresh your laminate countertop in an couple of simple steps.

1. Before painting laminate countertops they need to be perfectly clean

Before you start any work on your countertop you must clean it with a soft cloth and make sure that there aren’t any stains left. Use cleaner if necessary. Basically you need to prepare your countertop for sandpaper or sander work. Description follows in next step. If you are using aggressive cleaner, make sure your are following instructions on a label.

2. Sanding the laminate countertop

Sand the surface with 120-150 grit sandpaper. If you can, use a sander. Start sanding the surface systematically, from one to the other end. The goal is that surface becomes rough so it can absorb paint. Make sure that you don’t miss any spots. Use a soft cloth to wipe the dust. When the surface is clean you can use painter’s tape to paint-off an area that is meant to be painted. Do tape-off precise and you won’t have any work cleaning paint left overs from the wall, tile and sink.

3. Choosing the right primer

Before you start applying anything on the surface make sure that the substances you are using are not to toxic or irritant. I suggest choosing a primer coat made of 100 percent acrylic primer. This will give you best results.

4. Applying primer to laminate countertop

Prime the countertop with a paint tab, if necessary use a small brush to prime hard reachable corners. Air-dry the primer for a minimum of four hours before applying a second coat in the same manner. If necessary apply another coat of prime.

5. Choosing the right paint and painting laminate countertops

Choose 100 percent acrylic paint. Make sure that it matches with your kitchen walls, tiles, cabinets…Use semigloss paint that will give your countertop that nice finishing touch.

Now you can start applying new paint to your countertop. As in the second step start systematically, do not miss any spots and make sure that you are not applying thick coats of paint. Air dry countertop for at least 24 hours. If necessary apply another coat in the same manner. To prevent peeling be careful when applying first coat of paint.

6. Remove painter’s tape and clean the countertop

When surface is dry, remove painter’s tape carefully. Make sure that there are not any stains left on the walls or tiles. If you will notice any scratches on your newly painted countertop you can use polishing paste to hide any flaws that might be done during the process.

Painting laminate countertops can be a Cost-effective solution. No matter if it is a kitchen countertop or bathroom countertop, you can make it look like granite or achieve faux look if you wish. You will save you some money and extend life time of your laminate countertop.

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