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How do I renew a concrete drive / path without replacing it all?

We have been using a product called Ardex which is a great product. It lays at 2mm to 20mm thick and goes on top of existing concrete. It gives a excellent finish and is very durable.

How do I stop the gravel moving on my driveway?

We have been given the opportunity to use a great product that is resin based. It stops the gravel from moving and being kicked around by using resin as a type of glue. There are many types of sizes of gravel and colours.

How do I stop marks coming through when I m painting?

Do you have a mark that keeps coming through when painting. We often paint ceilings and walls where marks do sometimes bleed through. Especially after a burst water pipe.

We use a product called ” Polycell Stain Block”

You paint this on top of stain and then paint with normal colour once it is dry.

Do I need to lay landscape fabric under new turf?

We have come across many gardens with a weed problem and have been asked if they should lay a landscape fabric before laying new turf.

We say that this is not recommended. Weeds need water and sunlight to grow.

What we recommend is that if you are going to replace the turf you should remove old turf and about an inch under layer. Once area is levelled then just lay new turf. The new turf acts as a sunblock and prevents the weeds getting any sunlight and this unable to grow.

Can we paint over wallpaper?

Technically, yes. Strategically, no. You’ll see the seams unless you skim coat with a special compound. And you have to use an oil-based primer to seal the paper. There isn’t a guarantee of no show-through, and it makes it harder to remove the paper later.If you are going to do all that work, why not just remove paper with a wallpaper stripper.

How do I repair linning paper that has come away from the wall?

This can tricky to achieve neatly if there are layers of paint on it. Start by spraying the lining paper with hot water and leave it to soften. Remove the excess water. Apply border adhesive under the paper and press flat. Wall paper paste is not strong enough. Allow this to dry. If necessary fill any gaps with a fine filler and sand lightly before painting.

How to cut a railway sleeper?

When cutting railway sleepers, buy 2 new, but cheap saws. Apply candle wax to the blade, this will stop it sticking. A sleeper will still blunt a saw quickly, hence have 2.

When laying turf remember to prep the area before the rolls are delivered as you don’t want them lying around for days. Turfs should ideally be laid within 24 hours of delivery, any delay over 48 hours increases the risk of the grass turning yellow or the turf drying out before being laid.

  • Can I deck over utility covers and manholes?

Make sure your wood for the frame does not go over these covers and instead, use the wooden joists to make a box around the covers. Cut the decking boards to the size of the box and attach them all together with a wooden battern. Attach a hinge to one end and then attach to the top of the box. Now you have an access panel.

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