World Champs!

Until the powers that be figure out that we should have a skate and classic sprint at the major championships instead of alternating, my chances to perform in my best event remain rare and precious gemstones. I look forward to these events very much, often for years.

But now that it’s here I just can’t wait for it to be over! Let me explain… I am grateful to be here and healthy and I’m so excited, nervous and focused that I can hardly stand it. Luckily, going through these moments and managing the pressure (coming from no one but myself) makes me feel a mixture of wanting to vomit and totally loving it that I like to describe as “intensely alive.”

On Thursday afternoon I get a chance to make every stride count and lay down some aggressive yet smooth skate sprinting that will satisfy my insatiable inner challenge machine for a while. At least until the next big race… the beauty of which is that there are in fact lots of them (just not another skate sprint at world champs until 2017 – eek).
I feel pretty ready after a decent day in Drammen on the weekend where I was 9th in the qualifier and 14th after the heats. The Oslo course has more hills but also a shorter finish which is all good stuff

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