Update from Rovaniemi, Finland

Here in Rovaniemi, Finland it’s been an awesome week of cooking our own awesome food, taking saunas, and racing this weekend in a Finnish Cup race. On the women’s side Dasha and I had little more than each other and one up and coming Russian skier to deal with, but really enjoyed working our race plans and getting the hang of racing again after a long summer of training.

I have to confess I see tremendous value in doing races like I did today to get my feet under me before hitting World Cup. I’m very grateful to Louis Bouchard for organizing this trip and to Sasha Bergeron and Peter Thor for waxing for us. Although Dasha and I were the only World Cup skiers in the field, it was a good tune up and great to do 4 rounds of sprinting.

I need to build up momentum and race ability after 7 months of training since my last race and it’s fun and good for me to feel capable of getting the best out of myself before stepping on to the world stage. So much of being a racer is about doing your absolute best. There’s a lot of satisfaction in knowing you couldn’t have done something any better. To have a few races to get the hang of it all… finding my good race focus, pushing beyond my limits, being efficient with the support staff


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