The best thing going this past month has been watching Devon, Alex and Ivan in the Tour de Ski. For a colorful update with great photos and the story behind Devon’s quadruple podium week .
I’ve been training in Canmore since mid December and am now hitting a couple World Cups.

Liberec, Czech Republic did not live up to my expectations and tremendous desire for success as I fell in my quarterfinal. But the next day I teamed up with Daria Gaiazova and thanks to her super strong skiing we finished 5th. It was an exciting day with Dasha always tagging off to me in podium contention and as our theme song for the day by Triumph suggested we “lay it on the line” and did our absolute best.

This weekend I’m racing a classic sprint in Otepaa, Estonia Sunday before going home to train with the team for two weeks in Canmore. Traveling with Daria and 22-year old Lenny Valjas from Toronto has been a blast. The young upstart on the team has posted great sprint results on the world cup so far this year – showing that he is Canada’s best pure sprinter right now and earning some more starts for himself. His parents are from Estonia and although he was born in Canmore he’s kept his fluency up and it’s fun to enjoy this country with a ‘local.’

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