Bumps and Jumps in Ruka, Finland

This week the Canadian sprint crew stayed in Ruka, Finland for a few days after the world cup races to train up for Dusseldorf. Unlike the Scandos and Central Europeans who make up the vast majority of the world cup racers, we North Americans can’t go home to our mamas mid-week. The team becomes close-knit far from home. Passing the time training in Ruka was livened up considerably by the arrival of my B2teammates Jenn Heil, Alex Bilodeau and their coaches.

Jenn and I have kept in touch since Torino 2006 and although we never cross paths as much as I’d like, joining her B2ten crew has made a big difference in my life and it was really great to hang out the past few days in this little resort village of Ruka where they have come to train up for the Dec 11th Freestyle World Cup here

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